Make projects runnable

If you have software but the original developer is not available any more, I can make it run again.

Legacy projects

Websites constantly evolve. Even those that have bean written a long time ago. If you require help with code that is already there I can help you.

Data migration

Database systems are prone to get old. Sometimes Data needs to be moved from an old system to a newer one. If you need someone in charge of moving data please contact me.


Michael Schmidt is well-organized and works efficiently. I can trust him to find a solution for any problem. Philipp Zedler


Herman von Helmholtz-Zentrum

Herman von Helmholtz-Zentrum

Academic content publishing


Plain fullstack development of the portal, based on designs provided by the client.

Die offene Gesellschaft

Die offene Gesellschaft

Political Communication

Takeover of the project

This project was originaly built in rails. Due to client requirements they wanted to port it to drupal. I helped migrate the data and mantained the rails system during the transition phase.